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Perinatal-Infant Mental Health

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People may say that pregnancy is a blessing and such a wonderful journey.  However, research find that women in the perinatal period – pregnancy and postpartum period – including those who wish or plan to conceive are more likely to experience emotional vulnerability compared to women that are not. Its not only the physical changes that women in the perinatal period are unable to avoid, the hormonal adjustment, the expectations from the mother herself and her family, along with cultural values and social perceptions, are undeniable factors that could impact their mental health. While many women may find that they are quite psychologically stable, this may not be the case when they wish or plan to conceive, are pregnant or in their postpartum period.


The psychological changes that occur among women in the perinatal period and women who wish or plan to conceive are quite normal and there is no need for women to have to go through these difficulties alone. Counselling and Psychotherapy is professional help that can assist and support women to cope through these critical periods. At Bangkok Counseling Service, we believe that happy mother is a happy child. Therefore, it is highly important to provide psychological support for mothers so that the pregnancy and postpartum can truly be such a blessing and wonderful journey for both mother and child just like people say.

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If you would like to book an assessment session for perinatal-infant mental health,  please email 

with ‘Perinatal Enquiry’ in the subject box.


You are welcome to email any questions you have that you would like answered before booking an assessment session.

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