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Workshops Series


As the New Year approaches and we take stock of the year that has passed, we start to make resolutions for ways to improve our lives. This year, try getting the support from your local professionals who can give you the tools to reach your individual goals.


Bangkok Counselling Services would like to invite you to join others in the community to a fun and interactive series of workshop throughout 2014 The workshops will focus on healthier lifestyle topics and the development of skills needed through hands on learning techniques facilitated by qualified health professionals.


Bangkok Counselling Service will facilitate the following workshops. Places are limited and advanced booking is advised.



Resolutions Conquered

How many times have you made New Years resolutions, only to have forgotten them, broken them or had too many slips before the Songkran or Easter Holidays that you shelved them again? This workshop will give you the skills to stay focused on your goals, the tools to motivate you and to get the appropriate support when things get tough, and to help you stay on track. It will support you to normalise this change and incorporate it into your everyday life, thus making your resolution/s achievable.



Stress can be Trained

As uncontrollable as stress may seem, it can be trained. This workshop focuses on teaching what stress is, what the dangers of ignoring stress are, techniques to reduce stress, and ways to help you change the way you react to stressful situations.


Better Balance

Life can make us feel out of balance at times, this workshop will help you re-prioritize your internal life so you can feel more grounded when the outside world is chaotic.


All workshops places to be booked in advance.
Refreshments included.

For more information and to book a place,

please email
or call 02 636 3309 for more information.

Group Therapy Update


Bangkok Counselling Service is currently developing a new group work program which will be available in the near future. We will upload the new groups page as soon as we are able to accept participants. 


If you have specific needs please email or call us and we will discuss how we can support you.  For contact details click here

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