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                                                          Bangkok Counselling Service                                                               บางกอก เคาเซลลิ่ง เซอร์วิส                                                                                                                                     When you need to talk                                                                                           We listen  

Bangkok Counselling Service 

COVID 19 Emotional Support for the over 60's

Tel: 083-444-9600

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Are you worried about COVID-19? If you are over 70 years you are at high risk if you contract COVID-19 so isolating yourself is your best chance not to contract the virus. If you are feeling unwell, have a temperature or cough you need to isolate. Some people may be afraid to let others know in case of stigma around COVID-19. This current situation is one that little is known about and it creates fear and worry and in turn anxiety, people feel insecure and concerned about many things such as their well-being and that of their loved ones, their job, paying the bills or putting food on the table. This is a difficult time for us all though especially for older people who are the most vulnerable to COVID-19 esp. if they have other health issues.


Older people that live alone are especially vulnerable as they become more isolated, they may not have to resources to stay healthy to look after their mental health and to keep their mind active to eat healthy food and stay hydrated. 


Bangkok Counselling Service a local mental health service wants to make sure that our elders are getting the support they need so that we all get through this COVID-19 together


We are able to help by making emotional support available for those who are isolated and or isolating.


How to access the Emotional Support Phone Line

If you are 60+ years and live in Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand and would like to speak to someone ’to get some support. then give us a call. Our team are ready and able to take your call please call
Tel: 083-444-9600


Days:            Monday to Saturday

Times:           1pm to 3pm

Tel No:          083-444-9600
SMS:             COVID-19 Emotional Support

Call time:      20 minutes

Languages: Thai and English

Users:           Anyone 60+ years

Cost:             Free

Frequency:  as and when up to 1 call per day.


This is an as and when service that does not require any appointment or commitment to further calls or services. If the number is busy when you call you can send an sms with 'COVID-19 Emotional Support' as the message and you will get a call back from one of our team, on the same day. SMS messages received after 3pm wll receive a call back the next day. This confidential emotional support service is provided for anyone 60 years and above to talk about any issue related to COVID-19. The service is operated by qualified professionals who are employees of Bangkok Counselling Service Co Ltd.


For more information visit

Thailand Registered Company Number 0105559067392


This is not a COVID-19 information line. For information about COVID-19 please visit or


                                 When you need to talk

                                                              we listen

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