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Chatdanai Rehabiliation Counsellor Chatdanai Sornchai M.Sc.

Chatdanai Sornchai M.Sc.

Our Therapist Chatdanai Sornchai returned to thailand in 2018 after his studies in New York, USA. Chatdanai was awarded a Masters of Science in Education in Rehabilitation Counselling in Mental Health from Hofstra University. He is a Certified Rehabilitation Counsellor, and holds Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification.


Chatdanai rejoins Bangkok Counseling Service having previously been a trainee counsellor now returns as a qualified counsellor. Chatdanai as part of the Thai Emotional Support Service will play an active role in our effort to make counselling accessible to a wider audience. Chatdanai is experienced working with clients with  mental health and substance use issues. His counselling training was broadly integrative, working with clients to promote a better quality of life while supporting them to achieve both career and personal goals. As part of his training Chatdanai developed humanistic counselling skills and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) skills which work well together and evolved into the model he uses today.


Chatdanai's qualifications and training include:

  • Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Chulalongkorn University  Bangkok Thailand Spet 2012 July  2014
  • Masters of Science in Education in Rehabilitation Counseling in Mental Health from Hofstra University, New York. Sept 2016 to  July 2018


Chatdanai has a particular interest in working with those who need support in relation to their career or employment prospects, career development, or retention and those who want to be better preparted for job interviews and or need help with job searchs. Chatdanai offers individual counseling, coaching and vocational counseling in Thai. He works under CRCs Code of Professional Ethics.

Registered MBACP (Senior Accrediated) Registerred & Accrediated

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