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Covid19 July 2022 update


Just when we were seeing off 2021 and the worst of Covid 19 getting used to being socially distant, to wearing a mask and sanitizing as routine even Plexiglas screens no longer an eye sore. Then Covid 19 hacks up Omnicom to spread faster and more widely setting us all back to reevaluate what when where and why. And what to do to be on top of it.  In being able to continue to meet the needs of clients and to ensure the health and safety of both clients and staff we have made the following adjustments to provide in person counselling at Sala Som Sathorn.


From Friday 1st July 2022 we will stop checking temperature and blood oxygen levels before entering the building. 


Please note everyone will still need to:

  • be fully vaccinated
  • test negative for Covid19 using an Antigen Rapid Test kit.
  • send a selfie holding test result with name and date on it, and send to our line sala_som (see  pic below)
  • adhere to all covid 19 prevention measures for onsite appointments.


Be fully vaccinated according to CCSA criteria and show the Thailand Certificate of covid 19 vaccination or Thailand digital health pass or international vaccine certificate or vaccination passport. If fully vaccinated outside Thailand evidence of equivalent vaccination and boosting as appropriate.  Please send the QR code where possible or photo if no QR code is available. For those under 18 years as per the CCSA advice for the client’s age.


Test negative for Covid 19 from an ATK antigen rapid flow covid 19 swab or saliva test on the day of your appointment and send a picture of the result to our line. The test should be taken on the day of your appointment no later than 1 hour before your appointment. Ideally done at home before heading to your appointment with enough time to send the picture to our line of the result which you can send anytime that day but at least 15 mins before your appointment. If you also need to do a test for school or work you can use the same test if it is done on the same day as your appointment. Please send a picture of you holding the test kit with your name and the date on the test. The picture needs to be head and shoulders along with the test and check the test information is readable.


Purchase a test kit online and from pharmacies. Any approved test is acceptable. Please write your name and the date of the test on the front of test. If you need a test kit BCS can make available a test to pick up each week on arrival for the following weeks appointment at cost to us currently ฿100 each. Which you can pay as and when to the company account or along with your invoice. Test kits are not on general sale from our office and may not be available if stock runs out. You can send a Grab to pick a kit up for you the day before your appointment stock allowing, please liaise with reception staff.

Those 17 years of age or younger might not have a vaccine record, may not have had the same number of doses that adults have or they may not have had a vaccine as some are below the age for children not offered the vaccine need only provide the negative ATK test result. If your child could have been vaccinated and choose not to be or you didn’t want them to get a vaccine for any or no reason then we will be happy to offer them online appointments. I they would like to have an in-person appointment they will need to be vaccinated and can attend in person two weeks after their vaccination.

For health and safety reasons we politely request that you don't:

¨ arrive for your appointment with a test kit to do at or in front of the office.
¨ attend your appointment without submitting your test result in advance.
¨ arrive at Sala Som to purchase a test kit
¨ alter the date or name you wrote on the test.
¨ put paper tape on the test to more easily write on it
¨ enter the building if you have tested positive for Covid19
¨ attend an appointment in person if you or a close contact has tested positive for 
Covid19, in such case follow the recommended advice from the CCSA.


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